We are always listening to our customers and future customers so that we can continue to improve Orla. Here is some of the recent feedback and one lucky winner from our Facebook poll has also won a £20 Amazon voucher.

We recently conducted two surveUser Feedback Surveyys – one of Orla users and one of ‘not yet’ users. First of all, we would like to thank all those who participated in our surveys, the results have been incredibly valuable to us! We are excited to develop and improve Orla with a clear vision of what you, the user would like to see from your diary.

The feedback from our beta users has been very positive. 100% of participants found Orla either easy or very easy to use – that is fantastic news for us because we’ve met one of our main goals. Even in its current state of development 80% of users found their diary to be a direct benefit and 33% actually found new unexpected benefits! As an example, it has proved particularly helpful for those who travel around as part of their work and given them the ability to analyse their journeys in detail and also determine how long they spend at specific locations.  One user told us “I use it as a record of my mileage for work purposes, it records my journeys and distance and is great at the end of the month to look back and get accurate information on journeys travelled”. We are extremely happy that Orla is proving helpful to you, even as a Beta version.

We asked about features our Beta users could not live without and most said they found the map locations essential and the details of their journeys was the next most popular feature. On the other hand, we found that users least liked the daily emails and the news. We are now looking into improving the current news feature and making it less prominent. As a direct result of the feedback we will also be turning off the daily emails and may try out notifications and less frequent email summaries.

Our second survey was completed by the ‘not yet’ Orla users. The answers gave us great insight into what people would like from their diaries without any bias from having already used Orla. The features most desired by these participants were the ability to insert photo images and a function to add their personal notes and thoughts. Beta users also indicated that they are keen to personalise their diaries with their own content. The great news is; we are currently working on the Orla diary scrapbook function and will ensure that it includes the most desired features requested by you. We hope that the scrapbook will be ready for testing in about 6 weeks

Once again, thank you for everyone who has taken the time to complete our surveys. We are also delighted to announce the winner of our £20 Amazon voucher from the Facebook survey! The winner is Lauren Jones, congratulations and your voucher is now on its way to you.