Sometimes everyday life can be tedious. We become stuck in a rut, not quite sure how to get out. But, don’t let the dullness of everyday routine get you down. We are all responsible for our own experiences and the power to make each day special comes from within. It could be that you need to change something or take a holiday, or maybe the answer is much simpler…

Our days are already special, we just struggle to see the value of little things beyond the everyday routine.

What makes a day special?

 I decided to ask this question, to get people thinking more deeply about their day and the little things that they’re thankful for. Answering my question got people thinking about what they really appreciate in their day and lifted many spirits! Here are some of the answers..

“Going to bed with a hug and waking up with one”

“Checking my bank balance on payday”

 “Waking up and realising I’ve got an hour before my alarm goes off”

 “Yesterday I left my phone on a bench and a lovely lady got it back to me!”

 “Having a best friend I can turn to whenever I need her”

“Having bread in the house so I can have breakfast!”

 “When my kids eat the food I cook them”

 “Any kind of time. Time with people or by myself. That’s pretty special because some people don’t have that”

 “When I find the time to get family time and exercise in on a work day”

 “Turning off my phone and reading my son a bedtime story”

Research shows that writing and reminiscing seems to help the brain regulate emotions unintentionally. Writing things in a diary helps people emotionally. These things might not stand out as they are happening, and they may not mean much to some on social media either, but recording these moments in a personal way is uplifting and revisiting them can give us great pleasure. It’s the little things we should appreciate, they make our lives unique and special.

We are trying to bring some of these benefits to the Orla diary.