Whether you’re a stay at home mum or a busy professional – most of us have one thing in common… Our days are constant and full. I’ve been thinking about my life, how I remember things and keep myself organised. The answer is mainly my phone.

I have two young children – Daniel is five and Orlaith is one. I work two days a week, I go to the gym four (well, I try) and I’m also planning a wedding. I have a house to keep, a family to cook for, between the two of them the kids attend five clubs a week. I also have a bit of a hobby – I like to make things. Handmade candles, picture frames, birthday cards… the list goes on. As you can imagine, my days can be a bit hectic and I have A LOT to remember!

I rarely write things down or rely on paper copies because it’ll more than likely get lost in amongst the chaos of my day, or chewed on by a little person. Storing things on my phones means I have an automatic timeline with little need for organisation and I know exactly where to look for something when I need it.

My phone constantly buzzes with reminders telling me where I need to be. My camera is always in use, not only to capture memories, but to take pictures of things I see that I want to remember for later or something that gives me an idea for a crafty project. I use it to write my shopping lists, for banking, storing recipes.

My phone memory is filled with a history of my own personal content that is relevant and important to me, but my memory often gets full and I have the problem of trying to determine what is the least important and interesting. I’m looking forward to the Orla Scrapbook so all my notes and pictures will have some permanence and keep my phone memory free.