This post shows you how you can add personalised names and pictures into your Orla Diary.

First chose a date and place you would like to personalise in your diary. All entries from that date forward will be personalised for this place. In this example I have chosen my home location that currently appears as Loughborough Road, Kirkcaldy.

Orla personalised places 1

Click on the little Orla edit icon at the bottom left of the place entry and you will see a drop down menu with the option to ‘Add Name & Picture’ as shown above. Select that option and a window like this will appear.Orla personalised places 2You can edit the name or select one of the suggestions from the drop down icon on the right.Orla personalised places 3You may than select an optional picture that will always appear first in the list of place images.Orla personalised places 4Click the Add button and your diary from that date forward will have your personalised place name and optional picture. When I am home Orla now reports my location as Home and shows an image of my house.

Orla personalised places 5

We hope you find this useful and enjoy personalising your Orla diary.