Throughout our Beta Programme, we’ve had many users who have found Orla beneficial for business purposes.

Here are real examples of how Orla has helped users in a working day;  

James is a self-employed plumber and does a lot of travelling between jobs each day. He uses Orla to remind him of where he has been each day and how long specific jobs take. He finds his diary very useful for keeping job sheets accurately for customer billing.

Gemma is a marketing professional. She spends half her time out of the office speaking to potential clients. Throughout the month, Orla accurately logs Gemma’s journeys and mileage. She uses Orla at the end of the month to help calculate her travel expenses.

Steven is a company director and spends a lot of his working week travelling to and from meetings. He often has business meetings over coffee or lunch and would have trouble piecing together all his receipts and expenses. Orla allows Steven to tie all his loose receipts to times and places, making it much easier for him to do his expenses.

These are just a few examples of how Orla can be used for business but we know there are many more. We are now keen to get more professionals using Orla to see what benefits you get from your diary.

You can apply to join the free Orla Beta Programme here