One minute you’re changing newborn nappies, then in the blink of an eye you’re celebrating a first birthday.

People always said, “enjoy him while he’s that size, they’re not babies for long” and if you’re a parent you will know how true this is.

kid photo albumDaniel was born on the 15th of December 2011. For the first few days of his life, every single movement was documented in pictures. I remember the first outfit he ever wore (because it still has a special place in my wardrobe.) I remember every visitor that brought him a present (because I kept the cards and gift tags in a box.) Fast forward 6 months, Daniel was crawling around and couldn’t be left alone for more than 3 seconds without causing chaos. He was changing and learning all the time and I always managed to take lots of pictures with the intention of jotting down all the cute little things he did when I got a minute to myself. The problem was, I rarely had a minute to myself and all these memories I wanted to remember often got lost.

Now Daniel is five and he has a baby sister, Orlaith. I have learnt how important it is to record our memories, not only for me, but for Daniel and Orlaith too. Memories of our children are precious, you always think you will remember things, but often forget. With the Orla diary, I can keep a note of every milestone they hit along with lots of pictures.

Daniel loves stories, especially about himself, but I can’t always remember all the details of what we did. The small things are what make a story special and even if I don’t note everything, having a diary can transport me to a place and time that enables me to tell the story in some detail.