​Will my personal data be shared?

No never. Orla is not a social network and your data can only be accessed through your secure account. Of course you can copy interesting bits of your diary to your own social media if you wish, but that is your choice.​

​Is Orla free to use?

The beta program is completely free and the first release version will continue to be free for our beta testers for at least one year.

​What can you use my personal data for?

We will only use this for the purposes of providing you with your Orla diary functions. We will never sell or give your data to a third party (unless required by law) and we will keep your data secure and private at all times.

Will all of my diary data be saved?

Yes we will store all data in a secure place for you. We will hold up to one year of your diary for beta testers free of charge. As you accumulate years worth of diary data we may consider charging for storage – or alternatively you may back it up for yourself.

​Will there be advertising?

There will be no advertising in the initial Beta release but we may introduce advertising in a free version in the future. Please be assured that we will never sell or give your personal data to advertisers. We would use ‘pull advertising’ where we request relevant advert content without disclosing any personal data.

When can I get to try Orla?

Beta users with iPhones in the UK can start using Orla as early as May this year. A full version of Orla will become available during 2018.

​​What will the Beta programme entail?

By agreeing to join the Beta programme you will be one of the first privileged users to try out the Orla diary and influence the shape of the final release product. It will be free for all Beta users and all we need in exchange is your feedback. We will send out occasional polls and questionnaires for you to complete.

Will Orla affect the operation of my phone?

Orla will ask for your permission to use your location in order to write your diary. Like all apps that use location data you might notice an increase in battery consumption. We are continuously working on improving algorithms to minimise your battery drain.

​​​As a Beta user do I get the full functionality?

Yes, you will get all of the functions we are developing for the full product release. This will be released to you in two stages – the Beta stage one will include the Diary functions which are fully self-writing with no user inputs required. Once we have feedback from this stage we will add in the Scrapbook functionality which will allow you to append the diary with other additional content.

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