Smartphones are raising the bar on what can be achieved with more advanced technology being released all the time. We have increasingly high quality services and content available at our fingertips. We have search engines, social media platforms, banking apps. We can buy anything online, take out insurance policies, donate to charities, send and receive emails. There are endless ways we can use our devices today. But how do we feel about the data that is automatically collected about us using web services and apps like these?

Companies and organisations now collect a vast amount of personal data on us and this increasing every year. According to a study by Mobile Ecosystem Forum, more than half of us (53%) feel it is very important to know that an app or service is using our personal data. Data security concerns have increased from 64% in 2016 to 69% in 2017.

What are we worried about?

Security and privacy of data are users two main concerns. Users don’t believe that businesses and government organisations do enough to protect their data against security breaches by hackers or misuse by employees. 49% of users were concerned their personal information might be stolen.

Another large area of concern is identity, it is almost impossible to do anything in modern life without having to share some form of personal information. Almost half of us think our personal data might be shared without permission and 32% of consumers also said they can’t be sure whether a provider is who they say they are.

There is new legislation coming soon which will address a lot of these concerns. Will this cause a paradigm shift in the way our data is treated, or will things stay the same?