As you know, we are busy developing the self-writing diary app called Orla and have a version available to Beta users. For those not on the Orla Beta Programme, here is some information to give you a feel for what our self-writing diary is all about.

What is a self-writing diary and how does it work?

Orla allows you to record information on your day without having to lift a finger. It automatically records the places you have been with a map and an image to represent your location and gives your local news and weather too.

Here is an example; I was at St Andrews Square in Edinburgh at midnight. I was waiting on a bus home after a night in Edinburgh. The option to view the local new is in the bottom right hand corner.

Every time you travel to a new location, your diary will automatically measure your distance and journey time. It recognises how you travelled to your locations too, whether by foot (it will also know if this journey was a run), road, rail or air.

Here is my journey home. I travelled back to Kirkcaldy on the bus, this is represented by the road icon. I spent 81 minutes travelling 28.6 miles before arriving at Kirkcaldy bus station on Saint Brycedales Road at 1.30am.

24/7 my diary is recording where I’ve been and how I got there. I am itching to add more personalised content to my diary and there is a scrapbook facility coming soon that will let me do this.