Introducing Orla – the world’s first self-writing diary

Never lose a treasured memory again.

Your personal and professional life is brimming with interesting and useful details many of us wish we could recall from a single place with ease. Now you can.

Treasure written memories of all the places you went and what you did. Bring back to life all the breath-taking sights you experienced on holiday, keep a record of your business meetings, quickly work out what that stray receipts was for, track your daily work/life balance and travel trends…​

The benefits of diaries are endless, if only you had the time to write one.  Now imagine you could have your personal diary written for you every day – no effort required. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Welcome to Orla.

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We know how valuable the memories and insights of our life story are but if you’ve tried to keep a diary or journal in the past, you also know what a commitment is it to write it every day. And what happened on those days you forgot?​

The Orla diary has the intelligence to provide all of the benefits of a diary without the pain of recalling and writing every detail of what you have done.

Capture your life’s rich memories with ease and avoid digging into emails, calendars and old computer files to retrieve forgotten events.​

Sounds great, but how does it work? >

It’s simple.

All you need to do is install the Orla app.

Orla intelligently processes the rich personal content seen by your phone into an accurate description of your day without you having to do a thing (other than taking your phone with you).

You can view and search your diary from your phone, tablet or computer making these rich memories from your life available in just a few clicks.

Yes, it is that simple!

A diary ….. and a scrapbook

Orla writes your diary for you. Automatically.

From the places you visit, journeys you go on, activities you enjoy to local news, weather and of course photos from that day.

But Orla is more than just an automatic diary. It’s also a scrapbook so you can quickly and easily add notes, ideas, personal photos and other mementos you want to keep as part of your record of each day. These are attached to the right place and time in your diary.

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Here is what the first trial users said about Orla

​“I went to the Scottish highlands for a short break. Orla correctly noted everywhere I had been and enhanced my diary with photos of all the landmarks I visited – I didn’t even have to take the photos”

“I actually used Orla to help sort out my travel expenses and make sense of my business receipts. That was an unexpected benefit.”​

“Every morning I now read my diary entry for the previous day, it has become a routine. I like to reflect on what I did yesterday before beginning my new day.”​

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